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LIQUID SKETCHES   by  MinT (2004) Track 3:
(audio sample)
In May 2004 the Berlin-based musicians Lutz Wernicke und Bernd Parageet Kircher went for retreat in their recording studio to create LIQUID SKETCHES. The result is a moving album of ambient space beat music, that soon made its way to several bars, lounges, chill spaces, cars and bedrooms of this world....

MinT are :

Lutz Wernicke:     space violin, e-guitar, beats & perc.

Bernd P. Kircher:  alto/soprano-sax, piano, synth.
CD-Tracks: 1. Inter Species
2. Reflexión
3. Shmoosing
4. Horizontes
5. Reggae de l'Amor
6. Hanging Out
7. Nachtwach
8. Corny Corn
Music for Relaxation
meditation abschalten

Audio CD     price: 15 Euro
KALIOPÉ   by  Lutz Wernicke (1996) 1 min audio sample:
Get ready to be soothed in space.... This composition by Lutz Wernicke (Berlin, Germany) invites You to a long fascinating journey. For 55 minutes the intense pulse of KALIOPÉ is progressing in a very slow motion, almost standing still in eternity. Single piano tones clearly drop down and disappear in the wide space of a magical background. This music opens up Your headrooms and effects both calmness and stimulance. You will find Yourself in sleepy dreamland with a clear conscious mind....

KALIOPÉ is suitable for relaxation, as an ambient partner for focused working and of course for listening and drifting away. Also works wonders to fall asleep at night - it's like a natural barbiturate, especially for children! We experienced astounding results with kids calming down along with these sounds, while lying in their bed for night, and then fall into sleep easily. KALIOPÉ is also successfully used for massage- and Yoga-sessions or for contemplative meditations.
(CD remastered 2008)        

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