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Sound Check

audio check

Frequency Analyzer

Hearing Check  (audiometry)

This is a comprehensive online frequency check for multiple audio purposes (by the way Suntune's most popular site).

 Use it to:
  - check, how precise Your actual hearing is
  - analyze frequency range and levels of Your studio monitors
  - check the correct phasing of any stereo-speakers
  - get the answer on the bass-range of Your PC-speakers

Instrument Reports

relax cd

Minimoog comparison
Which one to go for nowadays? The vintage Minimoog D or the new Moog Voyager? What are the differences? Read some considerations on Mini Moog synthesizers.

relax cd

Fender CBS guitars
Some great developments were made during the CBS era. So, was the quality really that bad? Here You get some pro arguments on the guitars of that time.

Music for Relaxation

relax cd

CD - recommendation 2011:

KALIOPE   by Lutz Wernicke

Get ready to be soothed in space....
This music will open up horizons. For:
- easily fall asleep (helpful for children)
- massage, yoga, meditation
- ambient atmosphere along working

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E-Guitar Lessons

guitar master

Learn riffs, licks and lines directly from the famous guitar players:
  Guitar Master Class

Learn via video, how to play certain guitar-songs step by step:
  How to Play

Today with Billy Gibbons (ZZ TOP), Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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